John O’Hara And B-Warm Outerwear

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July 11th,

John O'Hara and B-Warm Outerwear“Id rather BWarm than freezing my A** off.  
BWarm is a smart invention.  On those 20 and 30 degree days in the winter it is a body saver.  The battery pack heater lasts all day and that is at least 10 to 12 hours a day of riding for me.  When I come home at night I just take my battery out and plug it in and it is charged for the next day.  Because of the BWARM vest I do not mind riding in the cold because I’m nice and warm.
If you are cold natured or even if you are not and just may want to stay extra warm when working outside on a really cold day, I would recommend the BWarm Jacket or Vest.”

You can get more information about John and his success in the show ring by going to John O’Hara Performance Horses.                                                    John O'Hara Performance Horses

John O’Hara has amassed a very impressive record boasting 45 Arabian US National Championships in Reining, 23 US National Reserve titles, and 121 US National Top Tens in Reining and Western Pleasure. Add to that the scores of regional winners and numerous NRHA titles, and you begin to get the picture of just how talented John O’Hara is with a horse.

B-Warm Introduces Pet Outerwear

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July 11th,

B-Warm Pet OuterwearB-Warm introduces FIR heat technology that functions both therapeutically and comfortably.  For complete information about this new innovation, please refer to our Pet Products page.

Bob Mac Finds Therapeutic Use For B-Warm Vest

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June 16th,

Bob Mac and the B-Warm VestThis is a therapeutic vest that is very smart looking also. Its reusable heat
pads relieved my back from soreness, caused by strains and injuries, especially
in the cold winter months, when they bother me most. The vest also has heat pads
in the front sides for heat on the ribs. I had a separated rib this spring and
simply put medication on the injury and turned on the heat pads - in no time
the heat helped the medication to be absorbed quicker and the heat made it feel
much better. I recommend using the vest on a daily basis to relieve stiff or
sore back muscles.

Bob Mac,
NRHA World Champion and 2 times Open Reserve Futurity Champion

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